Singing In The Rain


Singing in the Rain ticketsSingin’ in the Rain has delighted critics and audiences since opening at the Palace Theatre in February 2012. Singing in the Rain tickets are now available until the 8th June 2013.

Directed by Jonathan Church and produced by Stage Entertainment UK, Singing in the Rain will be transferring to the West End stage following a critically acclaimed sell-out run at the Chichester Festival Theatre in 2011. The show opened on 15th February 2012 and is currently taking bookings until 8th June 2013 when the show will close.

Cast Information

Adam Cooper plays the leading role of Lockwood. Cooper is a dancer and choreographer who created the role of the Swan in Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake. He has also performed in numerous West End musicals such as Guys and Dolls and The Wizard of Oz. Playing the role of Kathy Seldon is Louise Bowden, who took over the role from Scarlett Strallen in February 2013. Jennifer Ellison plays the beautiful Lina Lamont and Stephane Annelli plays Lockwood’s sidekick, Cosmo Brown.

Show Length and Times

Singin’ In The Rain shows six evenings per week, from Monday to Saturday. On Monday to Saturday, performances start at 7.30pm. There are two matinees per week at 2:30pm, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The approximate running time is 2 hours and 30 minutes, including a 15-minute interval. Monday to Saturday evening performances finish at around 10:00pm, exiting the theatre at approximately 10:15pm. Matinees finish at around 5:30pm, and you can expect to leave the theatre by approximately 5:45pm. Singin’ In The Rain will close on the 8th June 2013 and will then tour the UK from December 2013.

Synopsis and Songs

Famous for the 1952 MGM movie version starring Gene Kelly, Singin’ in the Rain tells the story of Don Lockwood, silent movie star who has everything a person dreams of – fame, popularity and a romance with co-star Lina Lamont. With the on-going rumours of the possibility of sound being synchronized with picture which would surely revolutionise the movie industry and change everything, the silent stars, including Don, are nervous. When it is revealed that starlet, Lamont, has the voice akin to nails being scratched down a blackboard, Lockwood and his comedy sidekick, Cosmo, go in search of an alternative. On finding the beautiful yet snooty Kathy Selden, a chorus girl prone to jumping out of cakes with the voice of an angel, Lockwood tries to convince her to dub in for his co-star diva. Unfortunately both Lina and Kathy are stubborn, leading to Don being forced to work his Hollywood star charm. Although where Kathy is concerned, both her and Don get more than they bargained for as they embark upon a whirlwind romance.


MICHAEL COVNEY “The rain at the end of each act is tremendous, and anyone in the most expensive seats in the front few rows gets a marvellous soaking. But the highlight of Simon Higlett’s superb design and Tim Mitchell’s lighting is the irresistible explosion of pastel suits, flashing legs and Manhattan skyline in “Broadway Melody.”

LYN GARDNER “It is technically assured, hugely accomplished and is faithful to the movie yet sufficiently different as not to invite unflattering comparisons. The movie inserts, in which we see the vehicles for silent film stars Don Lockwood (Adam Cooper) and Lina Lamont (Katherine Kingsley) as they try to make the transition to the talkies, are particularly clever.”


Video Preview

If you can’t wait and want to see what the show is like right now, then why not check out the official trailer for the Chichester production below? The dazzling choreography, costumes and classic tunes can be seen.

 Official Tickets

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  1. Just returned from a lovely couple of days in London. Singing in The Rain was definately a highlight, had 3rd row seats but were warned on the ticket that we might get wet, we certainly did but it was great fun and by the sound of laughter from everyone in the splash zone it was enjoyed by all

    Thoroughly recommend it


  2. I’m so excited to see it, I’m in a performance of it with a youth theater at the moment and I’m playing Lina, we’re performing next week and the set was put in this week, its amazing I can’t believe its going to rain on stage haha 🙂 so excited to see another production of it!

  3. My husband and i visit this show on 25th July, 2012 the matinee performance, and we had a very good seat row G in the stalls. it was really brilliant and we enjoyed it so much went to see Billy Elliott the next day which is also a fantastic show, we had an enjoyable 4 days in London and will be back next year to visit again….Don’t miss either of these shows they are both MAGIC……

  4. Since “Singin´ In The Rain” is one of my favourite movies and Gene Kelly was my favourite actor I didn´t know what to expect!

    Watched it from D 6 the other night and I just LOVED it!!!
    I actually cried HAPPY tears in a couple of scenes and I also had a lot of good laughs, crazy with all that water splashing around 🙂

    Would see it agan in a heartbeat!!!

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed the show – sitting in grand circle we could enjoy the water splashing. Very clever set and all the cast were excellent. I left with a very happy feeling. I recommend you to go – enjoy a few hours singing along laughing and watching the amazing tap dancing

  6. A very excited me came to see this show last night with my ‘musical-skeptic’ boyfriend and…… we BOTH throughtly enjoyed it!!
    Fantastic dancing. songs, acting, and atmosphere from an excellent cast and staff at the Palace Theatre.
    Thank you all for a wonderful evening!

  7. Saw this fantastic show last thursday 1st. Everything I expected and more, true to the film yet with its own stamp. Absoloutely adore Adam Cooper, he is a true star and one of a few I have seen that can take the golden era of hollywood and transport it to the 21st century with all the nostalgia and faithfulness to the time……we need to see more of him in the West End. Seats were fantastic, row E in the dress circle and if I lived in London, I’d be there every week!! Well worth the trip from Dublin, and said Mr.Cooper was an absoloute gent at the stage door……LOVED IT!!

  8. Been to see the matinee performance today. The whole family enjoyed it, even my 15 year old son who is normally only interested in his x box! Obviously you cannot beat Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor from the film, but it was an excellent cast and a very clever set. We all loved the singing and dancing and the orchestra was also fantastic. It stayed very close to the original film with just the odd change here and there. I didn’t look at my watch once! We were in the Grand Circle which is quite high up and I do not cope very well with heights,however once the show started i was enjoying it so much I forgot all about my fear! I dont think i could have coped in the Balcony though. We all left with a spring in our step. All in all highly recommended.

  9. Have just spent the weekend in London celebrating my uncle and aunt’s golden wedding anniversary and saw the show on Friday night. What a fantastic time we all had. My uncle who has seen many shows in his 80 years on this planet said that it was the best he had ever seen!! Well worth a trip to see it, for all the family! Lots of funny moments and so many places to look at once when they tart dancing!

  10. Saw a matinee of Singing in the Rain recently. Congratulations to the very talented cast for a superb performance.It was joyous , colourful, and generally amazing. I felt like dancing all the way down Shaftesbury Avenue aferwards.It made my holiday.

  11. Great stage production of the timeless film. Performers were excellent, dancing was first class. Definitely a top rate show, loved the rain coming into the audience, had a brilliant seat so got wet !! 10 out of 10 to all involved.

  12. not that great, the first half was dragging and there was way too much singing involved. Cannot really recommend for the young and lively, more suitable for over 50’s.

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