One of the larger venues on the West End, the Palace Theatre has a capacity of 1,400 split across four levels. With excellent views on offer throughout the auditorium, the Palace Theatre is made up from the Stalls, Dress Circle, Grand Circle and Balcony, with differing prices depending on the experience you’re after!


The Stalls are the largest seating section in the theatre, located on the ground floor of the auditorium. Being close in proximity to the stage, the Stalls offer some of the best views in the auditorium, with very limited restrictions. Due to the slight overhang of the Dress Circle, seats towards the rear of the Stalls can be slightly cheaper, meaning that you can bag yourself a bargain if you are lucky!

Dress Circle

The Dress Circle is the second level of the auditorium and offers excellent views of the stage, without many restrictions at all. Although they are not on the same level as the stage, seats in the Dress Circle do not feel too distant or cut off from the action. Central seats in the first few rows are excellent and possibly the best in the theatre, but if you choose seats slightly to the side of these, or seats towards the back of this section, prices will dramatically drop and the view will not alter as much. If you like to view the entire set and scenery then sitting in the Dress Circle may be the best choice for you.

Grand Circle

The Grand Circle is located above the Dress Circle and tends to be slightly cheaper than seats in the Stalls and Dress Circle. The best views in this section can be found in the front half of the section, with prices differing depending on how central the seats are. Be aware that legroom does become more limited the further up in the auditorium you go.


Many people have visited the show and left feedback about the Balcony section. We have asked for feedback from users and many have shared similar complaints that the Balcony section is heavily restricted. The Balcony is one of the highest and largest in the West End and is almost 60 feet away from the stage. The section is divided into a central section and two side sections, running from row A to row O. From from G and back seats are extremely steep and feel very high. It is not recommended that you sit in this section if you are scared of heights or have limited mobility, as it is a 77 step climb to the section. Views from the front central section are generally okay, but safety bars are visible from every seat. Seats in the left and right section are the most restricted, and much of the action is lost onstage. Many of these seats are sold as ‘restricted view’, so please check your tickets before purchasing.

If you need further help in deciding which seating area is best for you, then check out the interactive seating plan at

Palace Theatre Seating Plan


Seats for Children

For those audience members visiting with children it can be hard to select the right area to sit in. We would advise avoiding the first few rows in the Stalls due to the height of the stage. Best views are midway back in the Stalls and towards the front of the Dress Circle. Seats labelled as restricted view are often difficult for shorter people to enjoy, and the Balcony section has many restrictions. Try to sit towards a central aisle for best views of the stage.


The Palace Theatre  is accessible by 2 steps to the Foyer from street level. There is step free access to the theatre for wheelchair users via an exit. Please notify a member of staff upon arrival. There are 77 steps to the Balcony, 56 to the Upper Circle, and 30 to the Dress Circle. The Stalls are accessed by 3 steps down from the foyer. The stalls can seat one large or two small wheelchairs along with their companions, or transfer seats to anywhere in the Stalls, with space for up to 4 wheelchairs to be stored at the back of the theatre. Sadly there is no access to the bars, but drinks can be brought to seats within the Stalls. There is an adapted toilet in the theatre by the exit to the theatre.


  1. Hello,

    I made a reservation for seats and I was given seat numbers S2 and S3 but according to the seating plan they don’t exist.

    Please Help.

    1. Hi there,

      The seating plan changes dependent on the show. Sometimes rows or seats are added in or taken away.

      If you have booked these seats, then they will exist.

      Kind Regards,

  2. Hello,

    I am wanting to bring my Dad, who is in a Wheelchair, along to see Derren Brown. It would be for 1 disabled, 1 carer, 1 student and 5 adults!

    Would you be able to let me know what availability you have to accommodate us all please?

    Thank you


  3. Hi,

    I have booked tickets to see Harry Potter later this year but the only ones I could get were in the Balcony (G11-G12 & G14 – G15). I this is quite away from the stage so just wanted to check if we would be able to hire binoculars? I know these are sometimes for hire in the seats.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,


  4. Hello,
    I have booked tickets for Cursed Child in 2017, and was given stall seats B3 and B4. There was a disclaimer that there would be a restricted side view of the stage, but I am now nervous that we will not be able to see the play despite paying 350 USD. Can anyone describe how restricted the view will be from this vantage point?

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      B3 and B4 in the Stalls are premium seats and you will have an excellent view of the stage. It will be a side view in terms of the angle of the seats to the stage, but it should not cut off any major points of the action.

    2. I have booked two seats for HP and the Curced Child, October 2016, without noticing that these seats are mentioned with restricted view. F29, F30. How bad are they really? Price was anyway in the highest pricegroup.

      1. Hi Mirja,

        Due to these seats being at the end of the row, these seats may offer a slight side view. This means that parts of stage right could be cut off. However these seats are premium seats and will offer fantastic views.

  5. Hi. I am collecting my Harry Potter tickets from the Box Office. I am coming on a Saturday and the performance starts at 2pm. What time does the Box Office Open to collect my tickets? Thank you.

    1. Hi Phillip,
      I had purchased a restricted view seat, and received no email but when I arrived at the theatre, I discovered my tickets had also changed to row BB.
      Just wanted to share – I couldn’t have asked for a better spot, you are so close to the actors you can see their spit, etc. haha! Enjoy the show.

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